Disney CEO Says 'No Smoking' Ban To Extend to Marvel Movies

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Credit: Reelz

For over a decade there's been a "no smoking" rule for all but a select few of Marvel Comics titles, and now Disney is officially extending that to their movies as well.

During the annual Disney shareholder's meeting on Thursday, Disney CEO and Chairman Bob Iger answered a question by an audience member concerned about previous Marvel movies not having a "no smoking" policy similiar to that of Disney's in-house movies and Marvel Comics. Iger responded that he's extending Disney's long-held "no smoking" policy to all "youth-rated" Disney films except for in historical representations.

Marvel Comics' "no smoking" policy was instituted back in 2001 by then-Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada. At the time, Quesada said the rule applied to all "main characters," name-checking notable smokers like Wolverine, but not background characters. Quesada also allowed smoking to continue in the adults-only MAX titles, most notably with Nick Fury.

The Walt Disney Company as a whole has limited smoking in movies  for decades, with a bullet-pointed list of rules and exceptions on their corporate website.

By-in-large, the Marvel-produced movies of its characters has avoided showing smoking, but other movies such as the 20th Century Fox-produced X-Men movies have shown prominent characters such as Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) continuing to smoke.

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