POLL: Watchmen's Opening Weekend Box Office Receipts?

After the years of anticipation and the months of hype, Warner Bros.' adaptation of Watchmen is finally ready to hit the big screen Friday, and for a few days, all the focus will turn on its opening weekend box office receipts and the question of how will the film resonate with moviegoers without a PHD in comic book mythology?

Following up a year in which The Dark Knight and Iron Man made a combined $851 million domestically, and Punisher War Zone and The Spirit made a combined $28 million, hazarding a prediction is likely more guesswork than science, but we want to know what your predictions are for Watchmen's all-important opening weekend.

Below are a few facts and figures to help you with your speculative math. Tell us how much you think Watchmen will total. And you don't have to be registered with our community to participate.

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- Watchmen Theater Count (number of screens it will debut on): 3600+

- Running Time: 156 minutes

- New Films opening against Watchmen in wide release: None

- Last week's (February 27-March 1st) box office leader: Lionsgate's Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail: $16 million. $7,883 per screen average on 2,052 screens.

- Opening weekend of Zack Synder's 300 (March 9-11th 2007): $71 million. $22,844 per screen average on 3,103 screens.

* 300 also holds the all-time opening weekend record for March.

- Opening weekend of Warner Bros.' V for Vendetta, an adaptation of an acclaimed Alan Moore graphic novel (March 17-19th 2006): $26 million. $7,620 per screen average on 3,365 screens.

- All-time best opening weekend for a Rated R movie: Warner Bros.' The Matrix Reloaded (May 16-18, 2003) - $92 million. $25,471 per screen average on 3,603 screens.

** Box office facts and figures from www.boxofficemojo.com 

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