Squadron Sinister
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel announced the return of Squadron Sinister in a new self-titled Secret Wars title this June under the "Warzones!" banner. Written by Mark Guggenheim with Carlos Pacheco on art, Squadron Sinister will follow the team of villains as they rule a new Battleworld zone - Utopolis. 

“This series is really rooted heavily in the new politics of Battleworld, which you’ll really get more of a sense of in Secret Wars,” said Guggenheim. “Our guys live in a province called Utopolis which they rule with an iron thumb. Basically the ruler of Battleworld gives the barons of the provinces pretty wide berth, but at the same time, if you screw up the repercussions are pretty severe.”

The line-up of the Squadron Sinister is similar to the line-up at the team's debut in the original Avengers #69, with Hyperion, Doctor Spectrum, Whizzer, and Nighthawk, with the addition of Warrior Woman. 

“The version of Squadron Sinister I am doing is very, very close to the original version of Squadron Sinister. They started out as, essentially, this JLA analogue to fight the Avengers. So those early stories were the Avengers versus a version of the Justice League that were all villains, which is really cool. So I’m running with that concept."

As for the other versions of the Squadron Sinister/Squadron Supreme, Guggenheim promises they will be involved very early on, saying, “I’m a big fan of the Supreme Power versions that were done a number of years ago so I thought, ‘Let’s not hold off. Let’s immediately have the Squadron Sinister fight the Supreme Power group.’ It was fun to write them too because it was keeping with—this was back when Marvel was doing the MAX lineup and there was all this profanity they could use—so they’re like cursing up a storm and they’re coming into the fight very confidently."

Guggenheim goes on to compare his Squadron Sinister to a highly suspensful crime drama, saying "A lot of my touchstones were the Godfather movies and Sons of Anarchy, The Sopranos. You know, that very criminal centric drama that shows that heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

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