George Lucas and fan at Midtown Comics Times Square
Credit: Midtown Comics

Comic creators sometimes lose touch with their creations and end up buying their newest adventures just like everyone else; and now you can count George Lucas as among those.

New York comic store chain Midtown Comics revealed via Instagram that filmmaker George Lucas stopped by their Times Square location on Monday looking for some specific comics.


George Lucas stopped by Midtown Comics today! #StarWars

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According to an interview with Page Six, Lucas browsed for about 15 minutes, specificially looking at the new Star Wars products. An unnamed Midtown employee told Page Six that Lucas said he hadn't read any of the new Star Wars comics, and the writer/director left the store with the debut issues of Star Wars, Darth Vader and Princess Leia from Marvel -- as well as an issue of Heavy Metal.

Although it might seem strange for Lucas to visit a comic store, the filmmaker has long had an association comics -- even being a co-owner in a local comic store's comic art gallery in the 1970s. Former Marvel Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter has stated in the past  that George Lucas personally came to Marvel before the debut of Star Wars to pitch the movie as a licensed comic series.

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