Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX #1 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Forever Young? That's to be determined, but Skottie Young's young Marvel illustrations sure have a long life -- and they're about to get longer.

Marvel has announced via MTV a new Secret Wars series written and drawn by Young titled Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX. When asked about how this kid-friendly series fits inside the universe-ending landscape of Secret Wars, Young says there are secrets -- but he has a plan.

"Hmmm… There’s just so many secrets I don’t know what to say. (Giant Sized Little Pun.)" says Young. "I’m doing what I usually do with my Marvel projects and having fun over in the crazy kid’s sandbox. I wrote this whole series while turning on the TV, sitting with my 5-year-old son, putting on episodes of our favorite cartoons and listening to him pretend and laugh and act up. After a week of that, one of us was crazy… or both. But that gives you an idea of the tone of the book. It’s just a lot fun with the little trouble-making versions of your favorite Marvel characters."

When asked how something like this can fit within the continuity of Marvels' comics universe even given Secret Wars, Young says it's a matter of creative freedom given to him by the publisher.

"Again, I think I’m one of the most spoiled creators at Marvel," says Young. "I’m lucky to get to really step outside the boundaries of the all the big heavy stuff and just let these characters have some fun. We’ve been doing a similar thing with Rocket Raccoon. That book exists within the Marvel U and is in continuity, but we can jump in and out of the major situations as we want. This keeps the books tone where I feel I’m strongest and also doesn’t force anyone else’s book to have to let me in. I’m the kid all hopped up on sugar. You’re cool if your kid plays with me but you don’t want me to come to your house and stay for a month."  

Like many of Marvel's recently announced new series tying into Secret Wars, Marvel gave no details on the length of this series.

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