GROOT Gets Solo Series

Groot #1 preview
Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Before the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, that comics team couldn't even keep its comic series going long-term. But things have changed -- and then some.

Mashable reports that Marvel is launching another solo series spinning out of Guardians of the Galaxy focusing on Groot. Written by Jeff Loveness and illustrated by Brian Kesinger, Groot will begin with an arc relating how he and Rocket Raccoon became a team.

Loveness, who comes to comics from writing comedy on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, says Groot will be difficult given his title character doesn't speak much.

"It's a challenge, and also part of the fun," Loveness told Mashable. "Being a comedy writer on TV, you make your living on words and turns of phrase and jokes. So with Groot you've gotta dig deep and find a lot of physical comedy."

The writer cites previous cinematic characters who were primarily physical actors such as Charlie Chaplin in City Lights and Totoro in My Neighbor Totoro. Loveness says that Groot's inability to communicate with most people is a key part of the series, and especially the first arc as he gets seperated from Rocket.

"That brings up so many opportunities for comedy, but it also brings in that human aspect of feeling lonely and isolated from the world around you," says the writer. "If you lose your translator, you're on your own out there."

There's no word in the Mashable announcement that this will, like other recently announced new series, tie into this summer's Secret Wars event.

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