Guaridans of Knowhere
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

If the Marvel Universe is no more, what galaxy do the Guardians of the Galaxy have left to protect?

Announced today via Entertainment Weekly, Brian Michael Bendis is continuing his Guardians of the Galaxy run in a new Secret Wars series titled Guardians of Nowhere launching June 17. Illustrated by his Dark Avengers collaborator Mike Deodato Jr., the series is set on newly revealed moon orbiting Secret Wars' Battleworld... but to borrow a line from Star Wars, that's no moon.

It's Nowhere, the disembodied head of a dead Celestial that's been a central part of the Guardians of the Galaxy mythos since it's reinvention several years ago.

“We’re gonna open up on a mystery in Knowhere,” says Bendis. “And that mystery is going to open up a lot of stuff—including a new villain. Characters a lot of people have been asking for will show up, and by the end of the series, you’re going to see a status quo change that I think people are going to be very excited about.”

Speaking of Star Wars, Bendis describes Knowhere as akin to one of LucasFilms' seediest crossroads of alien life.

“When I hear my kids or my kids’ friends talk about [Knowhere], they talk about it the way we used to talk about Mos Eisley,” the writer says. “Remember, before the special edition, you didn’t really see any Mos Eisley, you heard them talking about the scum and villainy [and you thought], ‘I want to go where the scum and villainy is!’ And it’s the same mindset, and very exciting to present a modern version of that to all the people that love the Guardians so much.”

Bendis also says that this Secret Wars-era series for the Guardians will have a "fundamental change" for the team, specifically pointing to the membership roster. The movie line-up is featured on the Skottie Young interlocking cover, but the cover by series artist Mike Deodato Jr. is missing Groot and Star-Lord, with one-time member Angela front-and-center in their stead.

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