What's Going on With Newsarama?

For some of your old-time Newsarama readers, this might seem like old times. For you newer readers, we assure you this is a temporary glitch.

Of course we're referring specifically to the technical difficulties you might have experienced with Newsarama over the last several days. Your response to our new community platform that debuted Thursday has been overwhelming … so overwhelming in fact, it began affecting the entire Imaginova network and is requiring a hardware upgrade specifically for our new system.

That upgrade is going on now and will be completed soon, but the message boards needs to be taken offline until it is complete. Article comments will continue to function as normal.

As a result, the editorial side of the site should begin working much more reliably beginning immediately, and when the new forums return, the entire site should work as reliably.

We apologize for any inconvenience and frustration you might have experienced over the last few days, greatly appreciate your interest in the new community, and ask for your continued patience while the hardware installation is completed.

Thank you for your continued support.

Michael Doran and Matt Brady

Oh, and the image of Mjolnir can be interpreted as a tool being used to install the new hardware, or something you can use to smash your computer with while you wait for one of our pages to load. It's entirely up to you...

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