Future Imperfect
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The Hulk's always been a complicated individual as a hero, but what if he went bad? He did once -- and now that version of the Hulk is coming back.

Peter David is ressurecting Maestro, the evil future version of the Hulk, in a new series for Marvel titled Future Imperfect, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Set to launch June 3, Future Imperfect is a callback to David's original 1992 The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect comic series, but this new series ia a standalone tale with Maestro going up against some of Marvel's top heroes -- and if the new Greg Land cover showing Maestro standing over several Avengers' skeletons is to be believed, it won't end well for the Marvel heroes.

When asked about how he came up with the idea of the Hulk going full-on bad guy in the original The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect series, David said it came from seeing Hulk's origin not when Bruce Banner was hit by gamma rays but in his troubled childhood. 

“Early on in my run, I came to the conclusion that — because he’d suffered abuse as a child — Bruce Banner was already someone suffering from what was then called Multiple Personality Disorder,” said the writer. “The concept was that the explosion that released all the gamma rays did not create a problem as much as exacerbate an already existing one, that this guy had the potential to be a new version of his father. The Maestro was the ultimate take on that idea, that Bruce Banner is not necessarily a nice guy.”

David said the new Future Imperfect series will have some things that "reflect and harken back" to the original, but says fans are in for some surprises -- especially when it comes to who's leading the forces against Maestro.

"I don’t want to give away everything. I will tell you this: there’s a character in the series referred to as ‘the boss,’ a person who oversees the battle against the Maestro," says David. "I feel pretty confident in saying that no-one will be able to guess that person’s identity until it’s revealed on the last page.”

A piece of interior art by Greg Land shows an red-skinned character, which given the "Hulk" theme of this could be the Red She-Hulk, but it is in fact the alternative future daughter of Scott Summers and Emma Frost, Ruby Summers, last seen in David's X-Factor. Marvel editor Mark Paniccia more than one X-Factor alum will be appearing in this series as rebels against Maestro.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Maestro is also being revealed as the chief antagonist behind the current Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game. The game, launched in December, today revealed Maestro, replete with the weapons of fallen heroes such as Captain America and Thor amongst others.

Credit: Marvel Comics
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