X-Tinction Agenda art
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Genosha has been both a mutant paradise and a mutant bloodbath, and in Secret Wars it's coming back.

In June, Marvel launches a four-issue X-Tinction Agenda series by Marc Guggenheim and Carmine Di Giandomenico, says ComicBook. Set in an alternate future spinning out of the original "X-Tinction Agenda" crossover in the 1990s, X-Tinction Agenda is set under the "Warzones!" banner umbrella with Havok and Wolfsbane leadinga mutant nation rebuilding out of the ashes of Genosha.

"One of the things that I'm doing with my story is that I'm picking up from the way 'X-Tinction Agenda' ended, which is Rahne -- Wolfsbane -- and Havok staying behind to rebuild Genosha," Guggenheim said. "So when we pick up with them, it's several years later and Havok's definitely his own man, he's not living under his brother's shadow. He's got a whole host of problems that are unique to him and unique to Genosha. It's kind of nice; I've always thought Havok was a really, really cool character and writing him is a real pleasure; I've never got a chance to write Havok before."

Havok and Wolfsbane will be joined by Mystique, Phoenix, Wolverine, Beast, Rictor and even Chief Magistrate Anderson from the original "X-Tinction Agenda" crossover. Guggenheim has even created a new character, Bulletproof, which he hopes will be "the breakout character" of the series.

Guggenheim says that he was given free reign for this, being asked which X-Men crossover of the past he'd be interested in revisiting before he chose "X-Tinction Agenda."

"There's a couple of different ways to approach this kind of project. You can kind of retell the event with a slightly different spin, you can pick up different threads from the event," says the writer. "I was sort of intrigued by something that felt like a sequel but at the same time, I also wanted to take advantage of the new status quo and the new opportunities presented by Battleworld. My X-Tinction Agenda is sort of this fun sequel that plays like a sequel on one level but plays into a different future for the X-Men than the one we're familiar with in the comics."

Here is two character sketches by Di Giandomenico from the series:

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics
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