Michelle Rodriguez Denies GREEN LANTERN Rumor ... Wait, What!? No, Please Stop This Now!

Jessica Cruz
Credit: DC Comics

According to The Hollywood Reporter this past weekend, actress Michelle Rodriguez denied she’s in line to star as Green Lantern in Warner Bros. upcoming DC Cinematic Universe films, which is an interesting development considering there never were any “rumors” to that effect.

Let’s see if we can clear this up…

In the latest example of Internet telephone-game entertainment journalism (see the Ty-Simpkins-to-replace-Robert Downey Jr.-as-Iron Man debacle) another speculative article has morphed into a full-fledged rumor, and the source of this one is even easier to trace - because it started right here at Newsarama.

Credit: DC Comics

Two weeks back, with the release of the first image of Aquaman in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice , Newsarama republished an updated months-old hypothetical article that speculated that current Power Ring (and the future first female “ring-bearer” of Earth, according to Green Lantern #20) Jessica Cruz could become the next cinematic Green Lantern.

In the revised version published two weeks ago, Newsarama further speculated (quite plainly and specifically, really) that Michelle Rodriguez could be someone Warner Bros. could look to play Cruz, citing that the studio has already looked to Universal’s demo-desirable Fast and Furious franchise to cast Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

While our idea (repeat… idea) of Cruz being the movie GL was met with derision and dismissal by many readers, the idea was apparently received well enough by others, including a few days later in a piece on MoviePilot mostly just rewriting the premise and text of the Newsarama article, greatly playing up the brief casting footnote.

TMZ, apparently picking up on one or the other, then repeated the speculation to Michelle Rodriguez herself, but leaving out a key ingredient – that the idea was wholly and clearly speculative and not actually a rumor. And in their online handling of the video, wrote Rodriguez “shot down rumors she's in talks to play the Green Lantern.”

Wait … what!?

Here’s the video exchange:

TMZ: Michele, are you gonna be the Green Lantern?

Michelle Rodriguez: Haha, That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard

TMZ: Really?

Rodriguez: Yeah, because of this whole minorities in Hollywood thing.

TMZ: It's been all over the Internet though.

Rodriguez: But it's so stupid. Stop stealing all the white people's superheroes, you know? Make up your own. I mean, what's up with that?

“All over the Internet?” Arguable.

Just someone’s idea? For certain.

Rodriguez later apologized and clarified saying she would like to see Hollywood create new minority roles rather than retrofit white characters to non-white actors. The context she was unaware of either when originally asked the question or when she issued her clarification (at no fault of her own, mind you) was the original article (our’s) was about a new minority character DC had created and if used on the big screen wouldn’t just be replacing a white male character with a female minority.



Whew… still with us?

That whole exchange then surfaced over the weekend on the aforementioned Hollywood Reporter, who described the events as “Rodriguez was also asked about a reported Internet rumor.”

So Rodriguez was asked about a rumor that didn’t actually exist, embellished by TMZ to the “in talks to star” stage, and later felt it necessary to apologize and clarify her response to a rumor that never actually existed and whose context was left by the side of the road, which was then all picked up by a mainstream Hollywood trade repeating the erroneous “rumor” that never actually existed.

We hope this story brings some clarity to the topic and closes on door on this “stupid rumor” … a description of which at this stage we are regrettably forced to agree.

But for now we wait until Robert Downey Jr. denies the "rumor" he's going to directing a Marvel Studios movie .

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