YOUR Tweet Could Be Worth Over $4000 in Box Office Revenue

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Next time you tweet about going to see a film, your 140 characters will be worth hundreds and could be worth thousands in box office dollars to movie studios, according to a new study.

The study, which was conducted by social media data tracking company Networked Insights and released Friday on Variety, measured the impact of tweets on actual box office. The study found that a single tweet about a film can add an average of $560 to the movie's opening weekend — and that value rises exponentially if the tweet expresses intent to actually go see the film.

Digging deeper, the report finds that a tweet's value is higher if it hits Twitter several weeks before the film's opening. For example, a moviegoer's tweet is worth an average $713 in additional box office dollars if it occurs four weeks before the movie's release, but slides down to $161 a week before the film hits.

Credit: Networked Insights/Variety

The value of tweets also varies by genre, according to the study, with tweets about family animation films translating to more box office than, for example, tweets about more adult-oriented comedy — presumably because one tweet about a family film represents multiple tickets, since younger audiences aren't active on Twitter.

And tweets that express "intent to see a film" are by far the most valuable — worth an average of $4,420 four weeks before a movie’s release, and $1,100 the week before, according to the study.

Credit: Networked Insights/Variety

Networked Insights evaluated more than 400 movies for the study, going back to 2012, and looked at Twitter activity five weeks before release using 10 different mathematical models. It also concentrated on what was called "true" consumer reactions, ignoring 90% of automated accounts, promotions, giveaways and other tweets that didn't represent "true consumer reactions," as well as tweets from the movie's stars.

“Truly organic tweets are the holy grail,” Dan Neely, CEO of Networked Insights, said.

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