JOE MADUREIRA's BATTLE CHASERS To Return As Comic Book & Video Game

Battle Chasers preview
Credit: Airship Syndicate

It looks like the chase is back on for Battle Chasers.

After a 14 year hiatus that saw creator Joe Madureira begin a video game career and return to comics doing a string of high-profile projecs for Marvel, a Battle Chasers return has been announced as part of Madureira's new company with Ryan Stefanelli, Airship Syndicate. Revealed on Polygon, the comic book plans are to return in three-issue arcs picking up from the original series while the game spinning out of that story.

Credit: Airship Syndicate

Madureira states that no comics publisher is secured yet for Battle Chasers, but he plans a "visual overhaul" of the series which was previously published by WildStorm (as part of their Cliffhanger imprint) and later Image.

The duo says that the Battle Chasers video game will be aimed at the PC and tablet market, and be similiar in some respects to their previous Darksiders games. Although production is still early, the Battle Chasers game will reportedly feature Garrison, Gully and Caliberetto among others being playable characters.

Credit: Airship Syndicate

"Even though the game mechanically is going to be very different from Darksiders, I think we're still really going to be doing everything we can to make sure that the dungeon exploration side of the game is soaked with lots of fun adventurous elements," Stefanelli says in the Polygon article.

Madureira and Stefanelli are upfront in stating that they don't have funding for the Battle Chasers projects, and are still deciding on whether to partner with an outside party as publisher or investor or if they will turn to a crowd-funding source such as Kickstarter.

Credit: Airship Syndicate


"We're going to sort of let fate decide for us exactly how we should best pay for the game," says Stefanelli.

That being said, the duo spoke to plans for expansion, including an animated series, that they're "pursuing for bring [Battle Chasers] back in a big way."

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