"It’s a bit of a convoluted timeline in that in the first Captain America, Zola was captured in the same mission where Bucky fell off the train. Theoretically, a division of Hydra—possibly a Russian division of Hydra—went and got the body while Zola was in custody," Markus explains. "Zola had already done something to Bucky, and experimented on him that made him beyond human, which allowed him to survive the fall and make him worth doing the research on. They kept him in stasis until Zola was able to have a little bit of freedom from the American government, at which point he maybe brought his new friend Johann Fennhoff to handle the mind control part of the Winter Soldier project."

Although Marvel Studios and ABC have yet to announce if a somewhat ratings-challenged Agent Carter will return for a second season, Markus and McFeely say that jumping forward in Carter's life is "very appealing."

"We know Peggy lived well into Winter Soldier, so we have that much time to deal with. I don’t think we’d jump to 1980 when she’s 70 years old," Markus said, re-itterating something Hayley Atwell brought up herself early on in interviews promoting Agent Carter. "But we can move in time, so it’s hard to say who comes back and who doesn’t."