MS. MARVEL's 'Last Days' Begins In June SECRET WARS Tie-In

Ms. Marvel #16 cover
Credit: Marvel

Kamala Khan's days as a superhero only recently began, but Marvel has just announced their end -- and hers -- in a Secret Wars tie-in arc.

The Ms. Marvel series will begin a Secret Wars tie-in arc beginning with June's #16, according to ComicBook. As part of the "Last Days" umbrella of titles, this Ms. Marvel arc promises to see Khan living out her final days as the Marvel universe as we know it comes to an end.

"When the world is coming to an end, do you accept that it's over…or do you keep fighting for those you love?" says G. Willow Wilson, the title's writer. "When losing is inevitable, how do you define yourself? In the 'Last Days' story arc, Kamala has to grapple with the end of everything she knows, and discover what it means to be a hero when your whole world is on the line."

Wilson will be rejoined for this Ms. Marvel arc by original series artist Adrian Alphona after several issues by other artists.

"[Kamala] will face a very personal enemy as the chaos in Manhattan spills over into Jersey City," Wilson tells ComicBook, "and she will be forced to make some very difficult choices. There will also be a very special guest appearance by a superhero Kamala--and the fans--have been waiting to meet for a long time. The end of the world has never been this exciting."

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