SLOTT Says SILVER SURFER SECRET WAR Arc 'Indescribable and a Little Insane'

Last Days of Silver Surfer
Credit: Marvel Comics

What happens after your last days? That's the question Dan Slott wants to answer in the just-announced Silver Surfer issues tying into Marvel's Secret Wars event. Grouped under the "Last Days" umbrella which was billed as telling the final stories of certain characters, Slott says in a interview that his and Mike Allred's series is thinking outside the box when it comes to that mission.

“If you’ve been following the news and interviews about Secret Wars, you’d know that all the Marvel titles during this event fall into three categories,” Slott says. “'Battleworld' and 'Warzones!' feature stories that take place on Battleworld. And 'Last Days' features stories about Marvel characters dealing with the end of the world. None of those apply to what we’re doing in Silver Surfer. To play nice, we’re calling it 'Last Days'...but it’s not. It’s really like an all-new fourth that's almost indescribable and a little insane. It’s a story after the Silver Surfer’s last days.”

Slott says this arc, set to begin in June's Silver Surfer #13, begins with Silver Surfer wiped out of existence -- but he gets better.

“That’s pretty rough, right?," Slott continues. "But the good thing can only pick up from there.”

Slott goes on to state that this Silver Surfer arc will deal with the "fate and potential future" of Marvel's cosmic side of things,

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