Fox Apparently To Re-Cast COLOSSUS For DEADPOOL Movie

Ultimate X-Men #56 by Stuart Immonen
Ultimate X-Men #56 by Stuart Immonen
Credit: Marvel Comics

Are you tall, muscular and can speak Russian? If so, 20th Century Fox might want to talk to you.

Following a report Friday from The Hollywood Reporter that Colossus was going to play a role in the forthcoming Deadpool movie, the actor who's played the role in three previous films says he's not reprising his role. Daniel Cudmore, who appeared in X2, X-Men: Last Stand and in the opening and closing sequences of X-Men: Days of Future Past, posted on Twitter Tuesday that he's not playing the part in Deadpool.

It's unclear whether Cudmore turned down the role or 20th Century Fox was already planning for a new actor, but in either case director Tim Miller and actor Ryan Reynolds would now seem to be in a position to find a new actor to play the role.

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