Animated GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Full Cast Revealed

Guardians of the Galaxy animated series
Credit: Marvel Television

Over the past few days, Marvel Television has rolled out individual announcements of voice actors chosen to play the team members of the upcoming Disney XD animated series Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel has cast Will Friedle as Star-Lord, Vanessa Marshal as Gamora, Kevin Michael Richardson as Groot, Trevor Devall as Rocket Raccoon and David Sobolov as Drax. Disney XD released YouTube videos introducing each of the actors, which you can view here:


All of the voice actors chosen are veterans of the animation field, especially that of those in the superhereo genre. In fact, Richardson, Devall and Sobolov have all voiced their Guardians of the Galaxy characters before in guest appearances in other Marvel animated shows.

In addition to the core team, James Arnold Taylor has been announced as voicing both Yondu and Cosmo in the series.

Guardians of the Galaxy follows the ragtag group of heroes spinning off of last summer’s blockbuster sci-fi epic. It is scheduled to premiere some time later this year.

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