Gina Carano in Haywire
Gina Carano in Haywire

According to the Hollywood Reporter Friday, Ryan Reynold's Deadpool has found its leading lady in Haywire actress Gina Carano.

The Tim Miller directed feature will showcase Deadpool's origin as a cancer-stricken mercenary who undergoes an experimental treatment that cures him, but also leaves him disfigured.

Carano joins TJ Miller (in an undisclosed role) in the supporting cast as the character Angel Dust. While the exact nature of the character is as yet unknown, in comic books Angel Dust is one of the sewer dwelling mutant Morlocks. Also known as "Christina," Angel Dust is a young runaway with the power to boost her adrenaline, granting her super strength and agility.

THR also reports that X-Men Colossus will appear in the 20th Century Fox. film. No word on whether Daniel Cudmore will reprise his role for the film.

Deadpool begins filming later this year for a Feb. 12, 2016 release.

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