AVENGERS VS. Pits Earth's Mightiest Against Their Greatest Foes

Avengers Vs. Cover by Tom Raney
Avengers Vs. Cover by Tom Raney
Credit: Avengers Vs. Cover by Tom Raney
This April, Marvel is launching Avengers Vs., a four-part mini-series featuring Earth's Mightiest Heroes taking on their greatest foes one by one on the hunt to recover missing Asgardian artifacts.
Avengers Vs. is written by longtime Marvel letterer Joe Caramagna, and will debut digitally before seeing print in May.
"I pitched the idea of treating [each issue] as episodes of a TV show, where each “episode” stands on its own but is part of a larger narrative, or 'season,'" said Caramagna of his writing process.
Regarding how he chose which Avengers to feature - and which villains they would fight - Caramagna said, "The roster was set as the classic Avengers that we know from the comics, movies and animated series, but I chose the villains for each one using a very scientific method called 'if I were an artist, what would I like to draw?' It worked out really well. Science!"
Each installment will be drawn by a different artist, with Andrea Di Vito, Wellinton Alves, Ron Lim, and Dario Brizuela handling art chores.
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