Secret Wars Old Man Logan
Credit: Marvel Comics

MTV News is reporting Friday that Brian Michael Bendis is teaming with new Marvel exclusive artist Andrea Sorrentino to produce a new chapter in the Old Man Logan saga - as part of Marvel's upcoming mega-event Secret Wars.

Bendis's story will pick up where Mark Millar's original Old Man Logan story left off, with Logan venturing out to make his world a better place. "At the end of the original “Old Man Logan,” he started a journey to change the world around him. We’re going to see just how successful he was and if the events of “Secret Wars” are a help or hindrance to his life’s mission," said Bendis.

Bendis also revealed he will be penning another, as yet unrevealed Secret Wars title, saying "People are now getting a sense even from the few announcements so far, including the end of the Ultimate Universe, that every single series launching during Secret Wars is actually an event unto itself. The end of the Ultimate Universe is an event, the return of Old Man Logan is an event, the other book I’m doing that we haven’t announced yet is an event… It feels like you are writing a very important Marvel comic because you know that the repercussions of all of this will be felt for years to come. That is a good feeling."

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