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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Months before Secret Wars, Spider-Man has been criss-crossing various universes in his crossover event "Spider-Verse" - and now he's bringing it to Secret Wars.

Although the current "Spider-Verse" arc inside Amazing Spider-Man isn't even over yet, Marvel has announced that it will return in a new Spider-Verse series spinning out of this summer's Secret Wars, as announced by Nerdist.

Set in Battleworld, Spider-Verse brings together Spider-heroes of all shape and size in a story by Mike Costa and artist Andre Aruajo, with covers by Nick Bradshaw. Confirmed heroes include Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man India, Spider-UK, Spider-Man Noir, Mayday Parker, and - you guessed it - Spider-Man himself.

But no mention of Miles Morales.

Of the cast of Spider-related characters, Costa tells Nerdist that in addition to obviously fun characters to write there's some surprise favorites he's found.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"Well, I’ve got some ringers in my cast like Spider-Gwen and Spider-Ham, but of course I knew those characters would be fun. The guy who surprised me the most was Spider-Man India," says the writer. "He’s so much more than 'Spider-Man, but in India,' which is what I (stupidly) assumed before I sat down and actually read his comic in preparation for this project. There’s a real richness there, and so many unique things about him that set him apart from the other cast-members. This book is the most he’s gotten to shine outside of his original mini-series, and I’m really excited about that."

Despite being tied into not just one but two crossovers in "Spider-Verse" and Secret Wars, Costa says that his Spider-Verse story is self-contained.

"The entire Secret Wars event is structured in such a brilliant way that entry into almost all the stories is as smooth as possible," Costa says. "Spider-Verse features a cast of alternate Spider-characters (all big parts of current Spider-Verse event) who find themselves… well, I can’t give away the end of Amazing Spider-Man #14-15. Go read them. This picks up from there. Along with that, readers can expect this to be like any classic Spidey adventure: funny, exciting, and (hopefully) even a little heartfelt by the end."

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