GOTHAM Says Next New Villain 'Is No Joke' But Is He?

Still from Gotham, episode 16
Still from Gotham, episode 16
Credit: Fox

Is Gotham playing a joke on us?

In a promotional video for the upcoming episode of Gotham titled "The Blind Fortune Teller," text elements promise the reveal of a new villain in Gotham whom they only describe as being "no joke." Take a look:

The actor of the moment in question is Shameless's Cameron Monaghan, who was previously announced as playing a character named Jerome in Gotham.

The use of the phrase "no joke" by Fox is obviously pointing to this perhaps bein the Joker, but in the past Gotham showrunner has stated that the debut of the Joker wouldn't be in the first season. But given as how Gotham is showing the early days of Gotham's most notorious characters, Cameron Monaghan's character could someday become the man known as the Joker, or simply a red herring leading to another villain in the large gallery of rogues Batman has accumulated over the decades.

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