MODOK: Assassin
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel's MODOK is the kind of guy who stands out in a crowd -- but what about a crowd full of killers?

MODOK is the latest Marvel character to receive a spotlight in the Secret Wars summer event season, in a miniseries titled MODOK: Assassin sccording to ComicBook. Labeled as part of the "Warzones!" branding of Secret Wars title, MODOK: Assassin will be done by writer Chris Yost and artist Amilcar Pinna.

Set in the previously teased region of Killville, MODOK: Assassin begins in May with big-headed villain at the top of the food chain as it comes to assassins.

"Killville is a region that places a much lower value on human life than most. If this were a What If?, it’d probably be called something like WHat If MODOK Killed Every Super-Hero Ever? and you’d pretty much have Killville," says Yost. "This is a place where if you have a problem with someone, there’s always one singular solution that stands out. It’s not lawless… there’s a strict order to things. Mess with that order and… well, you can probably guess."

Yost calls MODOK "arrogant, insane, kill-crazy and just a messed up visual," and that's his positive features. Yost confirms that MODOK: Assassin is a "much more successful" version of the character seen in the mainstream Marvel Universe and in the current Secret Avengers, but it will see some familiar faces.

"Well, the first issue has Doctor Octopus, Bullseye and Baron Mordo," Bunn says. "By the third issue, if they’re a killer in the Marvel Universe, they’re probably going to show up."

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