Where Monsters Dwell
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Don't call it a comeback.

Garth Ennis is returning to Marvel for a Secret Wars tie-in miniseries that sees him reunite with the World War I character of the Phantom Eagle, as first reported by Vulture. Titled Where Monsters Dwell, this five-issue series features Ennis and frequent collaborator Russ Braun taking the WW1 pilot taking on flying dinosaurs in his vintage biplane.

"Sometime in the early 1920s, ex–Great War fighter pilot Karl Kaufmann is bumming around the Far East, getting into various scrapes and trying to make a dishonest buck," Ennis tells Vulture. "He agrees to fly naïve English socialite Clementine Franklin-Cox to Singapore, only to end up blown off course and flung into an exotic world of dinosaurs, cannibals, and a rather unusual tribe of amazons — who have their own plans for Clemmie. She, in turn, is not quite all she seems."

Ennis said the new project with Marvel came about over drinks with Marvel editor Nick Lowe, and said the conceit of the book -- "Phantom Eagle versus dinosaurs" -- was a good change of pace from his recent "dark and grim stuff."

When asked how the Punisher, a character whom Ennis is even more well-known for writing, would fair in a situation like Where Monsters Dwell, the writer says frankly it would ruin him.

"Quickest way to ruin a good Punisher story is add fantasy," Ennis states.

That being said, Ennis called the chance to write dinosaurs as "fantastic beyond words."

"I grew up reading about dinosaurs, still love them to this day. Occasionally I pop into the Natural History Museum here in New York just to wander around the dinosaur halls — which are the best in the world, as far as I know — and gaze up at the huge skeletons, letting my imagination go," Ennis says. " About 15 years back, I wrote a tyrannosaur pack into my series Hitman, which was of course enormously satisfying. That story was, in fact, a tribute to the greatest dinosaur comic ever — "Flesh," which I read as a kid in the British [comics] anthology 2000 AD."

This news comes hot on the heels of DC's announcement earlier in February of Ennis returning there to write a new series, Section Eight.

Where Monsters Dwell, with covers by Frank Cho, will debut May 27.

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