CONVERGENCE: TITANS Attempts To 'Fix Very Unfair & Nasty' Things Done to ROY HARPER

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Credit: DC Comics
Convergence: Titans interior art
Convergence: Titans interior art
Credit: DC Comics

One of the most exciting elements of Convergence for long-time DC fans is the chance to see pre-Flashpoint heroes again. But Roy Harper, the return might also go one step further and offer him the redemption he didn't have the chance to fully realize before the reboot.

In Convergence: Titans, writer Fabian Nicieza and artists Ron Wagner and Joe Marzan are reuniting three of the more requested characters from before the reboot: Starfire, Donna Troy and Roy Harper. Although new versions of all three characters have now been added to the New 52, these three are the versions who served on the Teen Titans together and are long-time friends and experienced superheroes.

But right before the New 52 reboot, Roy Harper's daughter died and he lost his arm. The pain and guilt he went through because of that experience led to some questionable decisions by the character and a storyline that had a seemingly hurried resolution because of the impending reboot.

But Nicieza told Newsarama the two-issue Titans comic is actually focused on Roy, and the hope is to offer the character some redemption — and even "fix" some of what was done to him. Newsarama talked to Nicieza to find out more.

Newsarama: Fabian, as a writer who was involved in the early days of the New 52, what's it like to see Convergence happening, which revives so many of the characters from the pre-Flashpoint universe? (I guess everything old is new again? :)

Fabian Nicieza: When they pitched the working concept, I thought it was a great way to celebrate DC's long history without taking anything away from everything they've accomplished with the New 52 titles.

As a kid who grew up reading both Marvel and DC, getting to write versions of certain characters from different points of DC's history was great fun. How many of us thought we'd ever get to write pre-Crisis iterations of these characters?

Nrama: You're getting to work on a few Convergence stories, but we haven't seen you around DC for awhile. What are you working on these days, Fabian?

Nicieza: I'm working on three series during the Convergence storyline: Titans, Superboy and Justice League of America (Justice League Detroit).

I wrote a really fun project for Lions Forge last year that will be coming out soon based on the wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr.. It takes his real life experience and family and turning it into a fictional adventure story.

And maybe there will be some interesting things announced soon for later in the year.

Nrama: Ah, OK, we'll keep an eye out for that. And before we get back to Convergence, what did you think of the news that Fox is making a Deadpool movie?

Nicieza: Isn't it great that fan outreach basically resulted in the studio green lighting the movie? It's a testament to the character's popularity and the desire of his loyal audience to see some manic, moronic mayhem on screen!

I hope its a fun, action-filled ride and I look forward to seeing it, preferably sitting next to Ryan Reynold's lovely wife, Blake Lively, at the premiere!

Nrama: I hope you do! OK, back to Convergence. What's the dynamic like between Starfire, Donna Troy and Arsenal as the three of them appear together in this story?

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Nicieza: There's a comfort level between them, born of years of friendship combined with being together during a very difficult transition in their shared lives. I can't say too much without giving away aspects of the Convergence status quo, but the Titans characters have spent some time together since we last saw them living very different lives.

Nrama: Let's talk about Donna Troy, a character that's been asked about again and again by fans at conventions and online. Why do you think this character ended up being so popular among a loyal legion of fans?

Nicieza: I think it's always interesting when a significant number of fans develop a love of a specific character. Donna has been such an integral part of the Titans forever, and when you combine that with Wonder Woman's fans, plus Donna's complex history, it gives fans a lot of fodder to debate about the character.

Nrama: What's Donna like as you pick up her story in Convergence?

Nicieza: She's in a good place. Without giving too many details away, she is settled and very comfortable with her situation, but then, of course, things get crazy very quickly.

Nrama: You're also getting to write Starfire, whose history with the Teen Titans doesn't exist in the New 52. What's she like in your Convergence story?

Nicieza: She is simply Koriand'r from Teen Titans. Loyal, loving and willing to kick ass.

Nrama: So what's the main threat the three of them run up against in Convergence?

Nicieza: In order to save their own environment on the Convergence world, the Extremists have come to kill the Titans. But really, the biggest threat is a moral one and hinges on the choices Roy has to make during the story.

Nrama: Yeah, poor Roy had some awful things happen to him right before Flashpoint. How would you describe the character as we meet him in Convergence: Titans?

Credit: DC Comics

Nicieza: Settled into a certain level of external happiness and internal misery. The two-part story is really a Roy Harper story and the thrust of it is his search for redemption.

Nrama: So are you trying to bring a bit of a resolution to these characters' stories, particularly Arsenal's?

Nicieza: There is definitely a sense, with the Titans project, that we have some things we wanted to "fix." There were some very unfair and nasty things done to Roy Harper that shouldn't be the "last" impression fans have of the character, so hopefully we address that in a cool fashion.

Nrama: Then to finish up, is there anything you want to tell fans about the Convergence: Titans comics?

Nicieza: Ron Wagner and Jose Marzan provide strong, powerful art and I expect anyone who has ever been a fan of the Titans will not be disappointed to see these characters together again!

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