Marvel Rewrites 1984's Original SECRET WARS in DEADPOOL's SECRET SECRET WARS

Credit: Marvel Comics

Deadpool always likes to stick his nose into things, and with Marvel reviving Secret Wars as its next big summer event, Wade Wilson is sticking his nose into the 1984 original.

Marvel has revealed yet another tie-in to this summer's Secret Wars but with a dose of Deadpool humor with Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars, according to Buzzfeed. Written by frequent Deadpool writer Cullen Bunn, Deadpool turns back the clock and sticks his nose, hands, guns, swords and more into the iconic event. As Bunn tells it, Deadpool was always part of the original Secret Wars -- it's just been secret until now.

"Not long after I wrote Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, I pitched the story of Deadpool infiltrating the events of the first Secret Wars and having an in-continuity impact on that story. So, this one has been on my mind for a while," Bunn says.

Details about Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars remains pretty sparse outside the title, the brief premise, Bunn's writing and Tony Harris' cover art. Look for Marvel to reveal the artist, length of the series and debut date in the coming weeks.

While retconning a character into the mix of one of the pillars of Marvel's history might seem like a big thing to ask fans to accept, Bunn says Deadpool has the unique qualities to make it work.

"In the case of this new series, I think readers are willing to accept that Deadpool was and always has been part of the original Secret Wars," says the writer. "Because that’s what happened. He was there, and his actions helped shape every major shake-up and revelation from that event!"

Given the recent announcement of the death of Deadpool in April's Deadpool #250 it might seem odd for there to be more Deadpool stories, but given this is an "untold" tale from the past it doesn't mean Deadpool's back from the dead -- yet.

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