HEROES Star Joins GOTHAM In Villainous Role

Milo Ventimiglia from 'Heroes'
Credit: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Credit: Fox

Milo Ventimiglia is coming back to the superhero genre -- but not for Heroes Reborn. Instead, he's going to Gotham.

Fox has announced that Gotham is welcoming Ventimiglia in for a "major" multi-episode recurring arc as a serial killer named Jason Lennon, a.k.a. the Ogre. Fox is careful to distinguish this Ogre from the Ogre of DC Comics, saying the character has no basis in comics continuity.

Ventimiglia's character is described as "handsome, wealthy and seductive," operating in the shadows as a serial killer in Gotham for nearly a decade. His victims are young women whom he "tests" to find a "perfect mate," but in failing those tests he murders them.

Fox says that James Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) is in hot pursuit of the Ogre once he rears his head in Gotham's episode 19.

Since the conclusion of Heroes in 2010, Ventimiglia has starred in a number of short-lived television series and been seen in movies such as Killing Season and Grace of Monaco. During that time the actor has revisited the superhero genre on several occasions, from voicing Wolverine in the Marvel Anime series and Spider-Man Noir in Ultimate Spider-Man. He is also part of the cast of The Whispers, an ABC live-action series set to debut sometime this year.

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