MARVEL Re-Ups Exclusive With BENDIS, Teases Second SECRET WARS Mini

Brian Michael Bendis
Credit: Marvel Comics

While the days of Marvel and DC announcing exclusive deals left and right with comics creators have waned somewhat, they're still wanting to long down their big guns.

Just minutes after it was announced he was leaving Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men, Marvel announced that it had re-signed an "exclusive" agreement with Brian Michael Bendis into the foreseeable future. While the press release didn't disclose the length or terms of the contract (which rarely happens), Marvel did tease a new project fo Bendis: a "soon-to-be announced Secret Wars series that will have all Marvel fans keeping their eyes on Battleworld!"

This would be in addition to the previously announced Secret Wars: Ultimate End series and the ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy series which hasn't had its Secret Wars plans announced yet.

“There's been some speculation that I will be leaving comics because of other cool things going on in my life but I wanted to let everyone know that isn’t the case," says Bendis. "I get it, sometimes when people have something going on in other media they tend to drift away from comics. But that is the opposite of what my life's goals are.”

He's referring, of course, to the impending debut of a television adaptation of his and Michael Avon Oeming's Powers comic series. The writer has previously mentioned continued work on two other creator-owned series, United States of Murder, Inc. and Scarlet, which have been on hiatus.

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