SPIDER-MAN 2099 Ongoing Becomes SECRET WARS 2099 in May

Secret Wars 2099
Credit: Marvel Comics

The Avengers may be ending in April, but Marvel's already got a new group on deck to stand in -- and they're from the future.

Marvel has announced a new Secret Wars 2099 series with the never-seen Avengers of the year 2099 stepping forward into what's lest of their universe, according to IGN. The book is by the Spider-Man 2099 creative team of Peter David and Will Sliney, and that series will end in April with their storylines carried on in Secret Wars 2099.

David says the Avengers of Secret Wars 2099 will be a corporate-sponsored team under the watch of Alchemax, with the writer noting that it's similiar to his recent All-New X-Factor run but that Alchemax is "more or less running the United States in 2099."

One thing this won't tie into David says is Secret Wars, interestingly enough.

"It’s set on Battleworld the way the others are, but honestly, it doesn’t tie into Secret Wars beyond that," David says to IGN. "The events of Secret Wars proper might be mentioned in passing somewhere, but [Secret Wars 2099] is definitely its own story."

Marvel is keeping the length of the Secret Wars 2099 series under wraps according to IGN, but David says he'll write it "as long as" Marvel and the readers want.

Here are design sketches by Sliney of the Avengers 2099 team, featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Black Wdiow, Hawkeye and Hercules.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics
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