Marvel's Newest SECRET WARS Title BATTLEWORLD To Feature 'Weird' Fights

Secret Wars: Battleworld #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Battleworld is the playing field of the upcoming Secret Wars and all its related series, and now it’s also going to be an anthology series.

Marvel has announced Secret Wars: Battleworld as an four-issue anthology series featuring various characters – and various alternate universe version of characters – fighting it out. Series editor Jon Moisan describes the book as “the weirder and more fun, the better!” citing possible stories as unique as 1602 Punisher versus 2099 Iron Man and a multi-universe Howard the Duck battle royale.

Each of the four issues will reportedly feature two stories. Josh Williamson and Mike Henderson have a story featuring Doctor Strange possessing the Punisher and going up against Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Hulk and Ghost Rider.

The second story in the first issue, by Ed Brisson and Scott Hepburn, features a cross-continuity caper in a group of M.O.D.O.K.s from accross Battleworld's patchwork domains.

James Stokoe is also announced to have a story in later issues.

“For me, the greatest thing about this series and Battleworld as a whole is that we can see completely different versions of characters interact with each other in new and interesting ways,” says Moisan.

While Moisan and Marvel held back on revealing the actual character pairings, the editor said they’re aiming for “fun stories” that “matter.”

Credit: Marvel Comics

 “Sure, Hulked Out Stilt-Man versus Spider-Powered Stilt-Man is a fight reader have wanted to see for years, but it won’t exactly bring them to the book. [Laughs]”

The Marvel editor said he’s been given some latitude for Battleworld compared to other series involved in Secret Wars, allowing him to think outside the box in terms of adventures.

“While the other series can focus on their individual worlds, I’m free to focus on creating all sorts of cool fights that people haven’t ever seen before,” says Moisan. “When all is said and done, I hope people see this series as a collection of awesome stuff, rather than just a bunch of short stories. I mean honestly, where else could you see Captain America versus Iron Man in the same book as Howard the Duck versus Hellcow?"

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