WonderCon '09 - Fox Atomic and BOOM! Studios To Partner

At the BOOM! Studios Panel held Friday afternoon at WonderCon, Mark Waid (via video, as he was at MegaCon) announced that BOOM! will publish original ongoing comic books in conjunction with Fox Atomic, based on existing films, older titles, and new series as well.

Eric Lieb then came up to the podium from the audience to discuss more about these titles. Lieb began by discussing titles previously published by Fox Atomic, 28 Days Later, Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning, and two volumes of The Nightmare Factory. A number of titles will be announced in the coming weeks, Lieb said, which will be a mix of ongoing and limited series.

July will see two titles launch, BOOM!’s Chip Moser said, followed by one more new title in August, for a total of 3.

Look for more from the BOOM! panel later this evening...

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