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Stan Lee
Stan Lee

Stan Lee knows…about as much about the new Fantastic Four movie as any fan on the street does. Granted, within 24 hours of the brand-new trailer debuting, Stan watched it three times. Any proud father would. After all, it was Stan and Jack Kirby who birthed the FF back in 1961, launching what would become the Marvel Universe.

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And the movie, as much as can be dissected form a minute and 30-odd seconds, looks like a fairly close approximation of the spirit of the original. The movie trailer looks more science fiction-y than superhero-y, and let’s remember: The FF were “civilians,” not even donning superhero costumes until issue #3. Their powers were scary and monstrous in early issues of the comic, and certainly the glimpses we see of the Thing and the Human Torch in the trailer look more Cronenberg than Spielberg.


And so Stan had a few quick reactions to the first glimpse of the movie:

On the (perhaps) more science fiction than superhero element:

“I didn’t see anything that looks superhero-ish,” Lee said. “They look like regular people doing regular things. Until they get their powers, of course. And we’ll see what becomes of that.”

Fantastic Four movie poster
Fantastic Four movie poster
Credit: 20th Century Fox

On inevitable changes that happen when a property is translated into other media:

“I have nothing against change,” Lee said. “They’ve certainly changed a lot of my characters. Thor in the comics started as a doctor who walked with a cane and yet when they changed that for the movies, it was wonderful. I have no problem with that at all.”

On backlash from some fans regarding the casting of Johnny Storm (played by Michael B. Jordan). The traditionally white character is black in the new FF movie:

“I have nothing against black characters, and I think there should be more black heroes,” Lee said. “I always figure change is good if it improves a thing. And sometimes, you need change if you feel people have seen the same thing over and over, too many times.”

On if he will have a cameo appearance in the flick:

“I haven’t heard anything about it,” Lee said. “I don’t know where they’re shooting it. If it’s too far away, then maybe not. A special pickup shot in L.A. is always nice, though. They know how to reach me!”

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