Post-CONVERGENCE GREEN LANTERN Teasers: HAL - 'Ring No Longer the Thing', CORPS Story to Begin 'Anew'

DC's Channel 52 page
Credit: DC Comics

DC is giving readers a glimpse into the future of the Green Lantern universe, and it indicates a significant shift on the horizon. According to hints in the back of this week's DC comics, Hal Jordan may not have a Green Lantern ring anymore, Guy Gardner's either dying or changing roles, John Stewart and the Corps may be changing locations, and the fate of Kyle as the White Lantern will be decided.

Credit: DC Comics

In this week's comics, the DC's "Channel 52" feature gives readers a few hints from Matt Idelson, Green Lantern group editor, about the next two months of issues before DC takes its two-month break for the Convergence event.

The future of the Green Lantern universe has been unclear ever since DC announced it would be canceling three of the current five Green Lantern titles after their March issues. Robert Venditti, the writer of the main Green Lantern title, already told Newsarama to expect changes in June:

"There are a lot of challenges that need to be faced," Venditti said, "and they'll lead to some pretty drastic schisms that are going to happen. Some of these things will come to conclusion by issue #40. Some of them, we'll see exactly how things are different after we come back from the two-month break."

Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians and Red Lanterns will all be coming to an end in March. The cancelations are part of 13 different titles DC is ending in March, making way for an expected line-wide revamp in June after all ongoing titles take a two-month break for the publishing company's Convergence event in April and May.

Green Lantern and Sinestro will presumably return, in some form, in June.

But what happens between now and March to shake things up in the Green Lantern universe?

Green Lantern: The last we saw Hal Jordan, he was moping around on earth, on his heels after getting in trouble from the Templar Guardians and upset with himself for possibly losing his ex-girlfriend Carol Ferris to his best bud Kyle Rayner,

According to this week's ad, Hal is going to make a "very fateful decision" between now and March.

"Let's just say for the moment that the ring will no longer be the thing!"

This hint, combined with the solicitation and cover for March's Green Lantern #40 — which shows Hal hitting Kilowog and hints about a "status quo change" after a betrayal — indicate some major changes for Hal in June. Will he even be a Green Lantern anymore? Could someone else be taking over the main title? Simon Baz? John Stewart? Kyle or Guy?

Green Lantern Corps: John Stewart still has his violet love ring, but in the last issue of Green Lantern Corps, he turned down the job of leading the corps after Hal left Oa. By the end of January's issue, there were some pretty ominous signs about a dark villain wanting to destroy the Corps.

Solicitation copy for Green Lantern #40 indicates that John Stewart will come "face to face with the failure that has haunted and defined him for years — the destruction of the planet Xanshi."

In this week's tease from Idelson, the final two issues are called "both big and very, very personal."

"That doesn't mean the story of the Corps is over," the hint says. "In fact, that story will begin anew — in a fashion I know you won't see coming! The hint for these characters?

"Location, location, location!"

Sinestro: This title is less than a year old, and we already know that March's issue will see the beginnings of the Sinestro Corps' conflict with the Apex League, first teased in September's Futures End issue.

In today's tease, Idelson gives the following cryptic hint: "Riddle me this: What, besides pride, goeth before the fall?"

New Guardians: At the end of issue #38, Kyle Rayner is facing a dark version of himself called Oblivion.

According to the Channel 52 hint, "Kyle… must still answer the question of how to save himself from the brain-frying Life Equation," and deal with his budding relationship with Carol.

DC has already said the fate of the White Lantern will be revealed in March's oversized issue #40. Idelson promises now that New Guardians will "have a most definitive endpoint here, and the ultimate outcome for Kyle lies in this clue: there's strength in numbers."

Red Lanterns: Guy Gardner's been filled with rage for the last year or so, leading the Red Lanterns as they protected Earth. But things haven't gone so well for the Reds lately, and the most recent issue had Guy facing the horrible aftereffects of Godhead.

March's issue #40 teases that Guy will either have to "succumb to rage once and for all," or he'll have to "find another path," indicating Guy's time as a Red Lantern is probably coming to an end.

Idelson's hint for this title says that Guy has got "quite the anger issues" to work out, "and not all of the rage is his. Puzzle that one out, whydontcha?"

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