UPDATE: ALL The THORS from SECRET WARS #2 Cover, Including a DC Comics THOR

Secret Wars #2 THORS
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated 1/26: We asked and you... well... imgur answered.

More specifically, user BradSerum identified all 19 Thors on Saturday, the day after we published the 17 we identified, posting his version of the Secret Wars #2 cover on imgur.

#10 is Thor in the beginning of Universe X, (more details below) and the more burly Thor is, interestingly enough, from a Joe Simon and Jack Kirby comic for DC Comics back in 1942, Adventure Comics #75.

Ah, the power of public domain. Check out our updated image and updated key below:

Original Story: Marvel's Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso made a big deal of Alex Ross's stunning cover to the over-sized Secret Wars #2, which features almost 20 versions of the God of Thunder at Tuesday's Secret Wars kick off press conference.

With Brevoort reiterating that all of these Thors come from somewhere in Marvel continuity, we've done our best to identify as many as possible, but even our vast knowledge has left us stumped on two of them. So we're asking for your help.

The image to your right I.D.s all the Thors we believe we've identified. Click on the image above to get a super close-up look at who we think are the remaining unidentified two.

If you think you can pin them down, visit our Facebook page and let us know who they are. As to the 17 we think we have identified, they are:

1. Thunderstrike MC2 - The son of the original Thunderstrike, Kevin Masterson hails from the MC2 reality.

2. Old King Thor - This is clearly All-Father Thor from Jason Aaron's critically acclaimed Thor: God of Thunder.

3. Frog Thor - This fan favorite character is a normal frog who gained some of Thor's powers by picking up a sliver of Mjolnir.

4. Beta-Ray Bill - Beta-Ray Bill was a Korbinite warrior who was granted Stormbringer, a hammer of his own after besting Thor in combat.

5. Lord of Asgard - This is the armor Thor wore in his first turn as king of Asgard.

6. Thor - This new female Thor is the current wielder of Mjolnir on Earth 616.

7. Thordis - Thordis was a female version of Thor from a What If? story in which Jane Foster and not Donald Blake first wielded Mjolnir.

8. Thorm - "Thorm" is a common nickname given to Storm when she briefly wielded a fake version of Mjolnir created by Loki.

9. Thunderstrike - Eric Masterson was once host to Thor until he was granted his own powers be a mace named Thunderstrike.

*10. Thor is actually Loki, who became a hero after taking on Thor's identity in Universe X.

11. Horus - This alternate version of Thor appeared in a New Warriors tale that visited a world where ancient Egyptian culture was prevalent.

12. Fox Comics - This version of Thor was not a true God of Thunder, but a costumed hero published by Fox Comics who predates Marvel's Thor by almost 30 years.

13. Perun - Perun is the Slavic equivalent of Thor who fought Captain America.

14. Dargo Ktor - Dargo Ktor is a warrior from the future who inherited Thor's powers when he wielded Mjolnir.

15. Thor Girl - Thor Girl was an Avengers Initiative recruit who was replaced by a Skrull.

16. Red Norvell - Red Norvell was a filmmaker who gained super powers while creating a documentary about Asgard.

1942's Adventure Comics #75
1942's Adventure Comics #75
Credit: DC Comics

*17. This version of Thor was created by Simon and Kirby for a story in DC's Adventure Comics in 1942, 20 years before Lee and Kirby introduced Marvel's Thor.

18. Thrr, Dog of Thunder - Thrr hails from the funny animal inspired world of Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham

19. Christian Thor - This Christian version of Thor appeared in one panel of a Marvel/Ultraverse crossover comic.

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