Report: SIMON PEGG to Co-Write STAR TREK 3

Simon Pegg as Scotty in 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'
Simon Pegg as Scotty in 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'
Credit: Paramount

"Scotty, I need more foreshadowing..."

A Star Trek ship engineer is expected to fix everything -- and that means screenplays now as well. Deadline is reporting that Paramount has hired Star Trek's Scotty, Simon Pegg, to co-write a new script for Star Trek 3 with co-writer Doug Jung. Several months back, Paramount righted the director's chair for Star Trek 3 with the hiring of Fast & Furious' Justin Lin.

Although Pegg is best known in front of the camera, the English actor has also co-written many of his previous works including those with director Edgar Wright, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and World's End.

Co-writer Doug Jung is best known as creator of the short-lived TNT series Dark Blue, and has written episodes of Big Love and Banshee. He reportedly came to be involved with this after writing an as-yet-unproduced script for another project under J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot shingle.

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