MARVEL & DC Vs. STAR WARS 'Epic' Crossover Trailer

Star Wars vs. Marvel DC trailer still
Star Wars vs. Marvel DC trailer still
Credit: Alex Luthor

We've seen fan renditions of Batman vs. Darth Vader, but what about the combined Justice League and Avengers versus the full might of not just the Empire but the entire Star Wars Universe? Well now you can, as the prodigious Alex Luthor has returned to YouTube and spliced together a faux trailer pitting Star Wars vs. DC and Marvel.

In this new creation, Luthor really upped the ante in terms of the two sides of the battle, as well as the complexities of this trailer. Luthor, who earlier did a well-received DC vs Marvel trailer, continues to amaze with the variety of sources he pulled footage from to compile this clip. After you watch it, go back and try to pick out where he pulled all the video clips from. Here it is:

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