GOTHAM's Gordon Back On The Beat This Monday, New Clip From LEGO JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. BIZARRO LEAGUE

Cast of "Gotham"
Cast of "Gotham"
Credit: Warner Bros. Television

You can't keep a good man down... especially a cop.

TVGuide reports that in this coming Monday's Gotham episode, the recently demoted Detective will come back to the Gotham City Police Department precinct to solve a crime he inadvertantly let happen.

In the last episode, a criminal known as "Jack Gruber, whom police Captani Essen describes as a "grave public menace," escaped from Arkham Asylum despite being under watch by Gordon. According to TV Guide, this prompts Gordon to show up at the precinct to be assigned to track down the fugitive he inadvertantly let go. Problem is, the man who Demoted Gordon down to Arkham, Police Commissioner Loeb, steps in to stop him.

Here's a clip from next week's Gotham:


Justice League To Meet It's Bizarro Match In Animated Movie

We've already seen Forever Evil -- so what about Forever Bizarro? Warner BRos. Animation has released a new clip from the forthcoming LEGO DC Comics Superheroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League. The film, which hits home media on February 10, is set in the early days of Justice League history when the newly recruited Batman joined the team only to keep his eye on the alien Superman. A wrench is thrown into Batman's plans when Superman's alt-reality twin, Bizarro,  barges in with a full compliment of Bizarro versions of DC's heroes.

Take a look:

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