Convergence Chip Kidd variant covers

Slowly but surely DC Comics is rolling out pretty much every solicitation facet of their April 2015 Convergence titles. They've released the cover and the solicits for the first four issues of the weekly main limited series and as of this writing they're 3/4's through releasing the final solicitations and cover images for the first issues of the 40 two-part series (with the remaining quarter on their way in a couple of hours).

Now IGN has revealed the Chip Kidd variant covers to the #1 issues all 40 the two-part series.

As you'll discover in the gallery, each week has a different color scheme - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black - to differentiate them from other weeks.

"Once I learned that the issues would hit evenly at four-week intervals, this seemed the obvious way to go," Kidd explained to IGN. "It made it much easier, actually, rather than having to pick a color at random. It distinguishes each week, while linking the first month to the second month. Plus, I didn't want them all to fade into the same thing, that seemed too boring. Re clashing, I think I got really lucky. As in they don't. Honest."

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