Top Cow's Aphrodite IX Headed to Screen in 3D

Aphrodite IX Headed to Screen

Announced to be in consideration for a feature film a couple of years back, Top Cow’s Aphrodite IX looks to finally be moving forward, this according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Together with Threshold Entertainment and Platinum Studios, Top Cow is looking to adapt the Aphrodite IX comic into a 3-D feature film. The story of Aphrodite IX centers on a green-haired cyborg assassin who becomes self-aware, and thus begins a search for her origins. While the original comic was set in the future the character has recently been more deeply incorporated into the Top Cow Universe with its precursor, Aphrodite IV making an appearance in Witchblade. The character first appeared in 1996 and was written by David Wohl with art by David Finch.

Producers for the film version of the character include: Threshold's Larry Kasanoff, Platinum’s Scott Mitchell Rosenberg; with Platinum’s Rich Marincic and Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins as co-producers and Top Cow CEO Marc Silvestri and former Universal Pictures exec Randy Greenberg of the Greenberg Group as executive producers.

"This is just the kind of franchise we love: a visually stunning world, amazing effects, a great story and a hot, kick-ass babe in the lead," Kasanoff told THR. "What could be better?"

The trade compared the formula Top Cow, Platinum and Threshold are hoping to apply to what Top Cow did at Universal with Wanted.

A search for the lead is reportedly underway.

Top Cow and Platinum also has a Magdalena film in the works, produced by Gale Anne Hurd and set to star Jenna Dewan in the lead role.

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