FLASH Finds Its Weather Wizard From SPARTACUS

Weather Wizard
Credit: DC Comics
Liam McIntyre from "Spartacus."
Liam McIntyre from "Spartacus."
Credit: Starz

"I am Weather Wizard..."

We might not that scene but nonetheless the CW's The Flash has found another classic rogue. ComicBook.com confirms that Spartacus star Liam McIntyre has been cast as the Weather Wizard. McIntyre is scheduled to debut in the episode 15 of the season, which returns from its mid-season break on January 20.

The Flash teased Weather Wizard's involvement way back in their first episode with the appearance of Clyde Mardon (played by Chad Rook), who in comics is the brother of Mark Mardon, a.k.a. the Weather WIzard.


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