Will AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #12's Last Page 'Break the Internet?' SPOILERS

Amazing Spider-Man #12
Credit: Marvel Comics

Dan Slott has killed Peter Parker and had his arch enemy take over his body and life, so what could he possibly do next that would rile up long-time Spidey fans? Taken out of context as some comic press have done Wednesday morning, today's Amazing Spider-Man #12 offered up a doozy of the last page to do just that, but if you read all the pages that proceeded it, it's not quite what it seems.

In the final pages of this installment of the "Spider-Verse" story arc, Silk says it best when she tells Peter, "You might want to brace yourself for a shock..."

Spoilers ahead, readers.


And then on the last page, Peter Parker sees Ben Parker - Uncle Ben himself - alive and in the flesh. And interestingly enough, Uncle Ben recognizes Peter even in his Spider-Man costume.

Final page of Amazing Spider-Man #12
Final page of Amazing Spider-Man #12
Credit: Marvel Comics

Seen alone, it's a shocking page, one Slott himself predicted Tuesday night when he tweeted "Lots of people are saying ASM #12 is going to break the internet tomorrow. I can neither confirm nor deny that. Crazy @#$% will happen tho."

But Slott was careful to couch this impending appearance of Uncle Ben earlier in the same issue by explaining that it's the Uncle Ben of the alternate universe they're in - Earth-3145 to be exact, the home base of the big bads of "Spider-Verse," the Inheritors. So it's clear this Uncle Ben isn't "that' Uncle Ben ... but for Peter, he's an Uncle Ben no less.

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