Marvel Goes Ant-Sized AGAIN in New ANT-MAN Poster

Ant-Man movie poster
Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

We're starting to get a sense of where Marvel Studios is going with trying to sell July's Ant-Man to the public, and that is by fully embracing the somewhat absurd premise of a superhero the size of a bug.

On the heels of an initial "ant-sized" teaser trailer , Marvel has debuted a new poster that again, plays up the diminutive size of its hero. Also debuting along with the poster is the tagline "Heroes come in all sizes."

Take a look.

Ant-Man's first full teaser trailer debuts during the Tuesday night two-hour premiere of Agent Carter on ABC, presumably in standard size. The first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer played like a two-minute Wikipedia entry on the relatively obscure characters, introducing them to the public. It'll be interesting to see if Ant-Man's first trailer will play similarly or if the core concept will take center stage.

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