Warm Up with These (Apparently) Leaked AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Images

Marvel Studios and Disney run one of the tightest promotional ships in the film industry, but even they can’t stop the inevitable leak of artwork from licensees of the their upcoming properties, particularly since when it comes to Marvel blockbusters the licenses are so numerous and varied. 

Following up from Monday's apparent accidental reveal of licensed images from the upcoming Ant-Man movie (since removed from the leaking website ), on Tuesday several pieces of what appears to be licensed artwork from May’s Avengers: Age of Ultron have surfaced.

Originally discovered by Superhero Hype forum poster 'Adversary,' these images are seemingly licensed artwork for a line of fleece throw blankets (no, really) posted briefly on the merchandise website EntertainmentEarth.com. These items were advertised for an April 2015 release date. The images, since pulled from the site, live on in cached versions of their website. And here they are:

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