Disney's Bob Iger Gets Up Close & Personal with the MILLENNIUM FALCON

"It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage."

Harrison Ford said that in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the same could be said for his Star Wars character Han Solo's emblematic spaceship the Millennium Falcon. And in the build-up to its return in Star Wars: The Force Awakens next December, Disney has enlisted the iconic ship to sit alongside Disney C.E.O. Bob Iger in a feature for the magazine Fortune, putting a face to Disney's acquisiton of LucasFilm (as well as Marvel, PIXAR and ESPN) to supplement Disney's empire. 

The issue, on sale now, features two composited images of Iger with the Millennium Falcon, one with a background image and the other with Iger super-imposed over a CGI-rendered view of the ship as if the CEO was in a hangar with it. Here's a detailed look at it:

According to Fortune's article about these images, the photos of Iger were done by Wesley Mann and then turned over to Industrial Light & Magic to incorporate the Millennium Falcon in these images.

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