VIN DIESEL Teases Another Marvel Movie Role?

After voicing Groot, actor Vin Diesel is wanting to make his Marvel in more ways than one -- and in more character than one. On his Facebook page Sunday, the Fast & Furious star posted a new cover photo either tying himself to or lobbying for a role in recently announced 2018 Inhumans movie. Take a look:

Although the image may be unofficial, it does use the "Are you Inhuman?" tagline Marvel Comics used for their recent Inhuman comic series.

If cast, it wouldn't be the first time one actor has played multiple roles superhero movies -- and given that Diesel only provided the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, playing a physical live-action role in Inhumans wouldn't seem to conflict or cause any audience confusion. Most speculation on what role Diesel would be most appropriate for in the Inhumans franchise dwells on the one-time king Black Bolt, whom believe it or not is less verbose than even Groot, due to his voice having a "sonic scream" which can level buildings even at a whisper.

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