Could DAREDEVIL's TV Costume Be Inspired By This?

Take this one with a grain of salt folks, but there are reports that when the Netflix Daredevil series debuts, Matt Murdock will be evolving his superhero look past the plain black Daredevil: Born Again guise we've seen previously. Chris Dilliard of ComicsUI is reporting via an un-named source a second costume for Charlie Cox as the horned hero being used during filming. 

"The scene in question starts with the Kingpin ordering his goons to shoot Daredevil, and at the last minute Daredevil grabs a pipe on the ground and throws it, knocking the gun out of his hand," ComicsUI's source says, describing the scene he witnessed while on set. "The suit Daredevil was wearing is black with red and looked like a latex scuba suit."

The source also described the suit as having red vertical lines and highlights as well, which leads ComicsUI to make an interesting comics connection, to that of the Secret War's 2004 redesign of Daredevil by Gabrielle Dell'Otto. This is big leap in speculation, but if true could open up some interesting additional ties with the Daredevil series as well as down the road to the eventual Defenders television event series as a possible plotline.  Last week EW confirmed that Daredevil would eventually get to his iconic red costume originally designed by Wally Wood, but if this news is accurate we could be in store for several stages of evolution by Matt Murdock on the way to that final design.

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