Avenngers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars figures
Credit: Hot Toys
Credit: Hot Toys

Hot Toys showed off some of their ‘hot’ new offerings for 2015 at this week’s Toy Soul convention in Hong Kong. The company previewed several figures from their Marvel and Star Wars lines, including of course figures from this May’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Now this life-size replica of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor probably won’t be pre-orderable at Toys ‘R Us, but the rest of the figures you can likely y take homes eventually.

Straight off their Facebook page , here’s a look at several of the most interesting new Hot Toys products, along with our own Lan Pitts commentary.

Credit: Hot Toys


The Mad Titan. The Avatar of Death. Here, Thanos sits on his throne, straight out of his appearance in this past summer's Guardians of the Galaxy with this ever-so-serious visage. This is the first toy with Thanos' MCU features and captures his deadly regality quite well. The sculpt shows off Thanos's armor which has that alien couture feel to it and you can tell that his cap has been translated more of an armored helmet that almost resembles a crown. He's shown bare fisted, so rest assure there will be an Infinity War variant coming soon.

Credit: Hot Toys

Little Groot

One of the hottest toys that fans wanted almost right after the movie ended was their very own Dancing Groot. Now there have been variations to this, one as a Funko POP vinyl and as an accessory to the Hot Toys Groot 1/6th scale. Here these are 1/4 scale so they're probably the biggest thus far in the series of official merchandise. Who would have thought that a dancing baby tree would be one of this season's biggest breakout characters.

Credit: Hot Toys

Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye

So here's a triple threat that is getting another treatment. The biggest chance is obviously Hawkeye in his archer's tunic from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Widow's sequel costume has some slight changes and you can see them better here with the bolder red around her hands, highlighting her Widow's Sting shockers. The Hulk here is probably one of the best Hulk sculpts that really nails down Ruffalo's hair style and handles the Hulk anatomy with a sophisticated simplicity and somebody that towers over the rest of the team.

Credit: Hot Toys

Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi


This is the 1/6th Episode IV edition, which slightly towers over the prototype of Obi-Wan's sixth scale. Obi-Wan is previously only available in Legendary Scale, so this brings old Ben down to a more easily posable scale so one could reenact the duel scene with Vader if they wanted. The Vader has been available for pre-order for a while now but here we see that he's still a smidge taller and more imposing than Kenobi. They are fully-articulated and captures Alec Guinness' war-worn, but wise eyes in this amazing sculpt.

Credit: Hot Toys


What a monster.

This is the 1/6th scale figure prototype, so I'm not entirely sure at the height, but probably somewhere at 17 inches. We've seen the Hulkbuster armor in action with the Age of Ultron trailer, but here it's brought down to a smaller scale (though they did have a life-size copy which I'm sure got people's attention). The details in the armor seem very elaborate and give fans a closer look at the ins and outs of the design as a whole.

Credit: Hot Toys

ARC Troopers

Advanced Recon Commando, or ARC Troopers were primarily used in the Clone Wars animated show and some in the prequels, but not like this. Each branded with a color that represented their rank (here is blue for Lieutenant) and armed to the teeth with ARC standard DC-17 hand blaster as well as the WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle. These are a great addition to the Scout Trooper and other members of the Clone and Imperial army.

Credit: Hot Toys

Tony Stark from Iron Man 2

Likenesses are not the easiest to nail down, but Sideshow Collectibles seemingly have this down to a science. In addition to the first Iron Man Tony Stark where he's making the Mark I armor, here we have Tony from the scene where he is discovering the new element that eventually saves his life. The details on the broken Captain America shield are immaculate and the props with the new ARC reactor aren't too shabby either. The new head sculpt is slightly different from the first one as he's more disheveled here. He's 1/6th scale and goes well with the other Avengers.

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