Page from Wonder Woman #37
Credit: DC Entertainment
Credit: DC Comics

SPOILERS (and we MEAN it)!

Meredith and David Finch have been exploring a thoroughly different style of Wonder Woman since taking over her solo book with Wonder Woman #36. And in the final pages of this week's Wonder Woman #37, the Finches went one step further by ushering in a classic DC character whose "New 52" debut has been widely anticipated...

... last chance.

...Donna Troy.

On the final page of Wonder Woman #37, Troy emerges from a boiling cauldron that the as-yet-unnamed sorceress (perhaps Circe?) has been tending to over the course of the issue. "Rise, Donna Troy," the sorceress entones," And take your rightful place among the Amazons."

Page from Wonder Woman #37
Page from Wonder Woman #37
Credit: DC Entertainment

Troy's name has been bandied about on multiple occasions since the advent of the "New 52," but this would be her first actual appearance. In early issues of Red Hood and the Outlaws, Troy is mentioned specifically but DC co-publisher Dan DiDio later labeled those a mistake. An alternate universe version of Donna Troy was also planned to appear in Grant Morrison's Multiversity, which character sketches by Ben Oliver revealed, but that was apparently nixed before publication.

And it looks like - at least from the start - Donna is going to serve as an adversary for Diana rather then friend, according to the the February 2015 Wonder Woman solicitations:

Wonder Woman returns to Paradise Island, and she’s in for a surprise: The Amazons have chosen a new queen to lead them! The identity of this new queen will send shock waves through the entire DC Universe! Guest-starring the Justice League and featuring the introduction of Diana’s craziest new cast member in, well, ever!

And in March:

Wonder Woman faces a challenger to her throne created solely to defeat her. But how can Diana stop a foe whose every strength is matched to her every weakness?

So is Donna Troy created here in Wonder Woman #37 to challenge Diana for the Amazon throne, created to be the ultimate foil "whose every strength is matched to [Diana's] every weakness"?

And digging deeper, could Donna Troy be the unnamed person standing with her in a framed picture glimpsed in the Finch's first issue, Wonder Woman #36?

Panel from Wonder Woman #36
Panel from Wonder Woman #36

At the time it was widely considered that it was a photo of Diana as a child standing beside her mother she, in the present day, was trying to ressurect. But it could be that Donna Troy isn't a new creation, but a re-creation of sorts, of someone very important from Wonder Woman's past -- symbolizing, in effect, two "Wonder" girls. 

Look for more information on the return of Donna Troy here at Newsarama in the coming days.

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