Moore & Reppion to Discuss The Complete Dracula in Dublin

The Complete Dracula #1, cover by John Cassaday

We brought you the first word of Dynamite’s upcoming The Complete Dracula, along with interviews with writers Leah Moore and John Reppion as well as artist Colton Worley, and now word has come that Moore and Reppion will be speaking on the series as part of a rather prestigious event.

Moore and Reppion will discuss The Complete Dracula on Saturday April 18th at the Dublin Writers Museum as part of the “Dublin: One City, One Book” celebration. The announcement for both the celebration and the talk reads:

Now entering its fourth year, Dublin: One City, One Book is a project designed to encourage everyone in the city to read the same book during the month of April each year. The project promotes reading in a city which boasts one of the world’s greatest literary heritages including four Nobel Laureates.

The chosen book for the 2009 Dublin: One City, One Book is Dracula by Irish author Bram Stoker.

Dracula was written in 1897, and has been translated into many languages. It has been the inspiration for many other works, and has been widely adapted for the stage and film.

Abraham “Bram” Stoker was born on the 8 November 1847 at 15 Marino Crescent (then Clontarf, now Fairveiw) on Dublin’s northside. He died in London on 20 April 1912.

The 2009 Programme will include a film festival, exhibitions, live theatre, tours, talks from the likes of noted Dracula scholar Professor Elizabeth Miller and Stoker biographer Paul Murray and much, much more.

On Saturday the 18th of April, Dynamite writers Leah Moore and John Reppion will be giving a talk on their latest project The Complete Dracula. The Complete Dracula is a brand new five issue comic book version of Stoker’s novel illustrated by Colton Worley which aims to be the most faithful adaptation of the work to date. The talk will be held at the prestigious Dublin Writers Museum and will begin at 3 pm. is now live.

Dynamite Entertainment also passed long some of the early accolades the project is getting from the creative teams’ peers:

"The only adaptation of DRACULA you'll ever need. This is the new gold standard." -- Warren Ellis, author of PLANETARY, ASTONISHING X-MEN, TRANSMETROPOLITAN, FREAKANGELS etc

“The forefather of all gothic horror, Dracula, faithfully reassembled to its original state by a talented and exceptional creative team is a wonderful gift to the reading public. Putting Stoker¹s masterpiece back together for this new generation is like peeling away a magnificent piece of art to discover the artist's true vision buried beneath. - Jae Lee, artist on Dark Tower, The Inhumans, cover artist for Dead Irons and writer/artist on Hellshock.”

"A tremendous exercise in authenticity and precision that stretches to the proper organisation of keys on an antique typewriter keyboard. Atmospheric, chilly and excellent, with an art style and a clarity of adaptation that really suits the subject matter. This is the definitive expanded version of the tale." -- Paul Cornell author of Doctor Who - Human Nature, Captain Britain and MI: 13, etc

“I've taken a look at this, and think it's terrific. I've got a bunch of comics in my collection of editions and adaptations of Dracula, and I suspect this will be the best to date.” ¬ Kim Newman, author of Anno Dracula, The Bloody Red Baron, Judgement of Tears: Anno Dracula 1959, etc

“If Moore, Reppion and team maintain their commitment to the level of detail on display in Dracula #1, they¹re bound to deliver the definitive adaptation of Stoker¹s magnum opus by the series’ end! An invigorating new look at a hoary old chestnut!” ¬ Brian J. Showers, author of Literary Walking Tours of

Gothic Dublin, The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories.

The Complete Dracula #1 will be available in comic shops in April.

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